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Only one of these Nests is available. It comes with a 100% Wool Charcoal Base - and a Black Wool Liner.


Get in quick if it's your favourite!


This unique and stylish Aqua Koru Pram Nest is made from 100% wool both outers and lining, with 100% cotton linen for the print panels and 100% cotton wadding.

It also features wooden toggles, Waterproof Oxford material for the splashproof panel, sturdy YKK zipper for the front and elasticated loops for the adjustable toggles.

Sleeping bags, sleep sacks, pram liners.

Whatever you want to call them, our Pram Nests have been uniquely designed and hand-crafted to give your child supreme levels of comfort.

Made with New Zealand wool, these baby sleeping bags are made to be non-scratchy and purposefully made with young children's sensitive skin in mind.

Guaranteed to fit all prams, these sleep sacks allow you to take your child out and about, in any conditions, with the peace of mind that they are comfortable, as the material used means your child will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our Pram Nests convert into a pram liner for the summertime, creating a cooling barrier between the pram material and your child, ensuring your child is comfortable year-round.

Aqua Koru Pram Nest

Only 1 left in stock
    • Designed for 3 months to 3 years of age
    • But with up to five years use! After your child becomes too big to use it in your buggy or stroller, it then becomes a sleeping bag/snuggle sack!
    • Main components are made of natural fibres: New Zealand made wool, matched to stunning cotton designs and fabrics
    • Adjust the length of your Pram Nest as they grow
    • Unique 2 in 1 design: Cold days = a cozy pram sack; Hot days = a pram liner with the safety that your Pram Nest is still there
    • 100% waterproof base. This is super for when the Pram Nest has been extended to its full length and you encounter wet pavements, or those muddy farm tracks! Keeps those little feet dry and warm.
    • Tailored curved base
    • Elastic toggles make it easy to change the length of the Pram Nest as your little adventurer grows 
    • Long and durable YKK central zip