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Having a bun in the oven is definitely tough, particularly when it comes to sleeping positions. But don’t you worry anymore as we have just the right product for you!

This amazing Pregnancy Support Pillow is absolutely a MUST-HAVE if you are pregnant or needing support while sleeping!

Enjoy the comfort of this pillow as this secure cozy body pillow is just the right item to give mothers-to-be a relaxing sleep that they always miss in pregnancy. This pillow will help ease common pregnancy discomforts that you will experience or might even be experiencing right now. It is designed to outline the shape of your entire body, and encourages mums to sleep on their side as that is considered the best sleeping position for pregnant women.

But wait, the perks don’t end there! This pillow can also be used after the baby arrives! It will support mums to easily find their cozy feeding positions in the nursing period.

Place your order now, and take care of yourself as you bear the most precious gift of nature expected to come in your life soon!

What is so Great about these Pillows?


– U shape for optimum side sleeping

– Outlines full body shape

– Absolute sleeping comfort

– Prevents mothers-to-be from rolling on to their back

– Good size for support, but not so huge that it kicks the partner out of bed

– Solid support (replaces 4 standard pillows)

– made with durable poly/cotton material in base

– 100% cotton slip cover for easy washing

– comes with a handy handled carry bag for hospital trips or trips away when pregnant

Pregnancy Support/Body Pillows

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    these products are sewn and handstuffed to order to ensure a premium quality is provided for maximum comfort.

    timeframe is 4-5 days to sew and then 3 to 5 days to ship x